Intra – State Migrants

Empowering Inter and Intra-State Women: Jesuit Migrants Service’s Holistic Approach

The Jesuit Migrants Service is a transformative force dedicated to uplifting inter and intra-state women through a comprehensive and empowering framework. This initiative encompasses awareness, training, legal support, social entitlements, and collaboration, ensuring the well-being, dignity, and progress of women in various spheres of life.

The organization’s efforts extend from fostering awareness about safeguarding women’s dignity, safety, and security to imparting crucial skills and entrepreneurial training. Seminars on tribal women’s rights, schemes, and policies are conducted, complemented by leadership training and the promotion of self-help groups, savings, and loans for small-scale endeavors. The Jesuit Migrants Service stands as a beacon against domestic violence, forced marriages, and other challenges faced by women, providing rescue, counseling, and rehabilitation.

Celebrations such as Women’s Day and Tribal Day are embraced, recognizing and celebrating the pivotal role of women. The organization goes beyond awareness, ensuring women’s physical and mental health through medical camps, distribution of medical kits, and facilitating access to health insurance schemes. It actively supports women in availing social entitlements like birth certificates, Aadhar cards, voter IDs, and housing benefits, positioning them for a more secure future.

Crucially, the Jesuit Migrants Service collaborates extensively to amplify its impact. It engages in networking with government officials, women’s commissions, and various women’s movements, thereby integrating the community into its advocacy efforts. By placing inter and intra-state women at the forefront of its initiatives, the Jesuit Migrants Service empowers them to break barriers, overcome challenges, and become catalysts for change within their communities.

Awareness and Training  

  • Awareness of protecting the dignity, safety and security of the women
  • Awareness and importance of skill training 
  • Seminar on rights of Tribal women
  • Awareness on Schemes and Policies for Tribal women
  • Leadership training for women
  • Awareness on Self Help Groups (SHGs) & its Benefits
  • Awareness and importance of Savings 
  • Entrepreneurial Training 
  • Parents Meeting 
  • Availing for Loans (House Loans, Loans for small scale work & 
  • Awareness on Domestic Violence at home & the work place
  • Awareness on Forced marriages and causes of Elopement 


  • Women’s Day Celebrations
  • Tribal Day and world Indigenous day 


  • Awareness on Health & Hygiene 
  • Awareness on early pregnancy and health complications
  • Awareness on Sexually Transmitted infections & Diseases
  • Medical Camps – Medicines and follow up
  • Medical Assistant & Accompaniments 
  • Special Care to Pregnant mothers – Medicines
  • Awareness on Nutritious foods & its importance
  • Physical and Mental Health
  • Medical Kits Distributed
  • Encouraging them to go for regular Check up
  • Chief Minister’s Health insurance scheme (Health Card & Health Insurance) 


  • Rescue from Trafficking and Bondages
  • Awareness on Child Marriage
  • Awareness on Drug Addiction
  • Rescue, Counselling & Rehabilitation
  • Awareness on Rights of Tribal Women 
  • Awareness on infanticide and Feticide and its complications
  • Dispute on wage
  • Awareness on Premarital and teenage pregnancy 

Accessing to Social Entitlements:

  • Birth Certificates
  • Community Certificates
  • Income Certificates
  • Aadhar Card
  • PAN Card
  • Voter ID
  • House Patta & Greenhouses through Gov Schemes 
  • 100 Days Work 
  • Family Card (Ration Card)
  • Opening new Bank Account 
  • House Tax

Intervention at the time of Calamities & Pandemic:

  • Dry ration kit provided during Covid Pandemic
  • Rain and Relief
  • Tharplin sheets for the Houses 
  • Placing them in the alternative place 
  • Providing food
  • Providing basic facilities
  • Clothes
  • Grocery at the time of floods, droughts and climatic conditions  

Collaboration & Networking

Peoples Participation in Protest, Rally & Demonstrations etc….

  • Networking with officials in Government and Public Sector
  • Close Collaboration with women’s commissions (National, State, District & Zonal Level)
  • Collaboration with women’s Movements
  • Collaboration with the Unorganized Workers Federation (UWF) 
  • National Domestic Workers Movement (NDWM)
  • Federation of Independent Trade Unions (FITU) 
  • Centre of Indian Trade Unions (CITU)
  • All India Catholic University Federation (AICUF), Loyola College, Chennai,