Empowering Irular Women Through Skill Development: A Journey to Kasthambadi

On a crisp September day, a group of 13 determined Irular women from four villages embarked on a transformative journey to Kasthambadi, under the guidance of Fr. Packia Raj, Sr. Alosiya, Mr. Albert, and Mrs. Rajeswari.

The purpose of this training programme was to impart skills in the art of crafting Surf Excel Liquid, Comfort – after wash, Phenoyl, Surf, and Incense. The women were eager to learn, and their enthusiasm was palpable throughout the programme. The first day of the training began with a prayer and a welcome address from Sr. Alosiya. She emphasized the importance of experiential learning and the commitment of JPL House and JEMMEx to community welfare. Fr. Packiaraj SJ also spoke, elucidating the vision behind JMS’s initiative, “with the expectation that everyone need to go with the experience and learn.”

Following breakfast, the women were immersed in hands-on learning. They were skillfully guided in the various steps involved in crafting the different products. They were also taught about the importance of quality control and safety measures. The second day of the training began with a review of the previous day’s learnings. The women then continued to practice their skills, and they were also given the opportunity to ask questions and clarify any doubts. The training programme concluded with a valedictory function, where the women were presented with certificates and commended for their dedication and hard work.

This training programme was not only about imparting skills but also about instilling confidence and igniting a spirit of self-reliance among these remarkable Irular women. It was a step towards fostering sustainable development and empowering communities.


The training programme in Kasthambadi was a success, and we believe that the skill development programwe conducted has empowered the Irular women with new skills and knowledge. This will help them to improve their livelihoods and contribute to the development of their communities. The programme is a model for other initiatives that aim to empower women through skill development.

By Sr. Aloysia SJL

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