“Empowering Lives: Stories of Hope, Recovery in Shelter Homes and Rehabilitation of migrants

Mr. Rajini

Mr. Rajini is a 36-year-old unmarried man from Tiruvallur district. He completed his 10th grade education and embarked on his professional journey in 1998 at Container Corporation of India limited, where he diligently worked for five years. After the completion of his contract, he ventured into his own shipping business but unfortunately incurred a loss of 6 Lakhs.

Following this setback, Rajini joined UDS Company as a data entry operator, dedicating three years to his work. However, his health issues forced him to leave the job. Subsequently, he sought refuge with his younger brother in Tirutani and took up a position as a salesman in a Textiles shop. Despite his efforts, family issues led to him leaving this job after just six months.

Without a stable job or proper salary, Rajini found himself at Koyambedu bus stand. Fortunately, a resident referred him to the Loyola men shelter home, where he voluntarily sought refuge. The coordinators at the shelter home investigated his family status and extended their support, welcoming him into the Loyola shelter home family. Rajini’s bachelor status was taken into consideration during the support process. He underwent counseling sessions to address his challenges, and through the efforts of the coordinators, he was provided with a regular job with a proper salary at 70MM Textiles in T. Nagar. Additionally, he was offered a place to stay, facilitating his rehabilitation process.

Mr. Senthil Kumar

Mr. Senthil Kumar, a 42-year-old unmarried man from Erode district, completed his education up to the 10th grade. He started his career in a security service business but faced financial struggles, leading him to move to Chennai when he was 25 years old. Unfortunately, due to mounting debts and personal hardships, Mr. Senthil fell into a state of depression and psychological instability. Consequently, he lost his job, and his life took a downward spiral, eventually leaving him with no choice but to seek shelter at Koyambedu bus stand.

During a night survey, outreach workers discovered him sleeping at the bus stand and promptly rescued him. He was then brought to the caring environment of Loyola Shelter Home. Recognizing his mental and emotional distress, the coordinator at the shelter provided him with essential counseling sessions, offering support and understanding. Recognizing the need for specialized care, Mr. Senthil was referred to the Banyan Mentally Illness Shelter Home, where he received expert treatment and care for his mental health. Thanks to the dedicated efforts of the professionals at the shelter, Mr. Senthil’s condition improved over time, and he was able to find stability and happiness once again. Now, with his mental health significantly improved, Mr. Senthil is back in his native place, leading a happier and more fulfilling life. The journey from despair to recovery was made possible through the compassion and support he received from Loyola Shelter Home and Banyan Mentally Illness Shelter Home.

Mr. Manikandan

Mr. Manikandan, a 29-year-old unmarried man from Madurai district, completed his education until the 9th grade. He used to work as a housekeeper, but life took a challenging turn when he was diagnosed with psychological illness. Dealing with family issues, he decided to seek solace in Chennai, but the COVID pandemic made it difficult for him to find a proper place to stay. As a result, he ended up at Koyambedu bus stand, struggling to cope with his circumstances. During a night survey, our compassionate team came across Manikandan and immediately took action to help him. We explained the shelter home process and offered him assistance. He was rescued and brought to the shelter home, where the coordinator provided him with essential counseling sessions to address his psychological challenges. Additionally, he received medical support to ensure his well-being and recovery.

As Manikandan’s condition improved, and with his consent, we communicated with his family, explaining the situation and the progress he had made. The support extended to him at the shelter home played a crucial role in reuniting him with his family, bringing him the comfort and care he needed during his journey to healing. Through our collective efforts and dedication, Mr. Manikandan was able to find a path to reunite with his family, paving the way for a brighter and more hopeful future. We continue to be committed to providing support and care to those in need, ensuring that everyone has an opportunity for rehabilitation and a chance at a fulfilling life.

Mr. Pradhab

Mr. Pradhab, a 45-year-old from Tirchy district, who achieved his academic aspirations by completing his MSc PG degree in 2002. His quest for professional growth led him to Thailand in 2003, where he excelled as a dedicated teacher. In 2007, he embraced the joys of marriage and ventured to Dubai, where he continued to make a positive impact as a teacher until 2013. Following the closure of his school in Dubai, Mr. Pradhab returned to his hometown and assumed the vital role of Maintenance Incharge at Sastha University in Tirchy. Eager to explore new horizons abroad, he began the process of relocating. However, unforeseen obstacles in the form of the Covid-19 pandemic hindered his plans. During this period, his wife moved to Cuddalore, seeking the best education for their daughter.

Determined to find better opportunities, he journeyed to Chennai and secured a position as the Front Office Manager at JRS Hotel in Kodambakkam. Despite his efforts, the job failed to meet his expectations, prompting him to make a decision to move on. Consequently, he found himself at Koyambedu bus stand, grappling with uncertainties and challenges. Fortune smiled upon him when a compassionate individual referred him to a shelter home, which prompted him to willingly seek refuge at Loyola men’s shelter home. The coordinators at the shelter promptly assessed his family status and extended much-needed support, warmly welcoming him into the Loyola shelter home family.

With dedicated counseling and timely sessions provided by the coordinators, Mr. Pradhab underwent a transformative journey, regaining his confidence and fortitude. These positive changes paved the way for him to secure a rewarding position as the Front Office Manager at JSS Hotel. Today, he enjoys newfound stability by residing at his workplace, embracing a life filled with hope and opportunities for personal growth and rehabilitation. In Mr. Pradhab’s remarkable journey, we witness resilience, support, and the indomitable spirit to overcome challenges. Guided by the caring environment of Loyola shelter home, he embarks on a promising chapter, ready to embrace the boundless possibilities that lie ahead.

Mr. Karan Paswan

Mr. Karan Paswan, a 20-year-old man hailing from Jamui district in Bihar. Despite his young age, Karan faces several challenges in his life. He is illiterate and unmarried, and his memory seems to be hazy. He cannot recall when he arrived in Chennai or the details of his previous place of work. Karan communicates well, but at times, he displays random smiles without apparent cause. Moreover, he struggles to remain seated for more than 20 minutes, suggesting signs of restlessness and possible mental disturbances. In his difficult circumstances and without a job, Karan found himself seeking refuge at Chennai’s Central Railway Station. However, his situation came to light during a night survey, and our team promptly rescued him from the station, offering him a lifeline. He was warmly welcomed to Loyola Shelter Home, where the coordinator provided counseling sessions to help him cope with his mental and emotional challenges.

Recognizing the need for specialized care, Mr. Karan was referred to the Banyan Mental Illness Shelter Home, where he receives expert attention and support. Currently, he is on a path of recovery, undergoing treatment and care, which brings hope for a brighter future. Karan’s journey reflects the complexities of mental health and the importance of providing a nurturing environment for those in need. With the dedication of the shelter home coordinators and the specialized care at Banyan Mental Illness Shelter Home, we aim to support Mr. Karan on his path to healing and reintegrating into society, offering him a chance at a better life.

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